Lord Brocktree (Paperback)

'Peace has gone on too long. Something inside me says that trouble such as these shores have never known is headed our way.'

Salamandastron, ancestral home of the Badger Lords, is under threat from an enemy whose power would seem to be absolute and whose evil knows no bounds. Ungatt Trunn can make the stars fall from the sky, the very earth shake underfoot, and with a horde of vermin as numerous as the leaves in autumn, the wildcat appears unstoppable. The mountain's defences are weak. Who can save it now?

Salamandastron's only hope is the badger Lord Brocktree who is drawn to the fortress by an undeniable sense of destiny. If he is to rescue the mountain from the dark days of vermin rule, Brocktree must raise an army capable of combating Trunn's formidable Blue Hordes.

Join Lord Brocktree and Dotti the irrepressible haremaid as they hourney to Salamandastron, gathering a host of brave creatures to fight alongside them in the ultimate struggle: good versus evil. Brian Jacques' masterful storytelling spins a web of high adventure that will enthral the reader from the first page to the last.

Mariel of Redwall (Paperback)

When the rat pirate Gabool the Wild attacks the mouse-ship carrying Joseph the Bellmaker, he plunders its magnificent bell in a fit of greed, and then pitilessly casts Joseph and his daughter Mariel into the raging sea. After she is rescued and brought to Redwall Abbey, Mariel sets out with three fearless Mossflower companions (and her trusty rope-weapon, the Gullwhacker) to track down Gabool and avenge her father-and thus begins an unforgettable battle!

Marlfox (Paperback)

The lake was so huge that nobeast standing on any part of the shoreline could tell that its sweeping vastness held an island at its centre.

Queen Silth rules Castle Marl from behind the curtains of her palanquin. Nobeast may look upon the queen and live! Greedy and vain, she has sent her six children and an army of water rats out into the world to plunder treasure to adorn her palace.

Stealth and cunning are the traits of the Marlfox. Known only in Redwall country by legend, they are said to be able to appear and disappear by magic. When the strange creatures, with their pale eyes and silver-white mottled coats, begin to appear in Mossflower Woods, it is clear that evil is abroad. A kidnapping and a cunning raid to steal the beautiful Redwall tapestry confirm the worst: Redwall is under threat - and from an enemy whose mark is yet to be known.

Three young ones, squirrels Songbreeze and Dannflor, and Dippler the shrew, are fated to come together and fated, by the prophecy of Martin the Warrior, to pursue the villains in a quest of daring and courage to return the beloved tapestry to its home.

Sweeping narrative, glorious action and irrepressible humour sing from the pages in true Redwall Tradition. Brian Jacques' astonishing powers of invention and his vigorous, thrilling storytelling never falter.

Martin the Warrior (Paperback)

The Redwall series captured the hearts of readers and critics alike with its exhilarating tales of the wondrous creatures of Redwall. Martin the Warrior continues the saga with the long-awaited history of Martin, Redwall's most glorious hero, who rises from slavery to become the greatest warrior the land would ever know.


Mattimeo (Paperback)

Slagar the fox hated Redwall Abbey--its peaceable creatures, its fearless mouse warrior Matthias. And now, he is embarking on a terrible quest for vengeance, cunningly stealing away what the Redwallers most cherish: their young. And the greatest prize of all would be Matthias's headstrong son, Mattimeo...

Outcast of Redwall (Paperback)

An escape into the snowbound winter night starts a lifelong enmity between two young creatures - a badger and a ferret. By turns they become the hunter and the hunted in this epic tale stretching from the north to the east wastelands.

Will Sunflash the Mace find Salamandastron and fulfil his destiny? What drove Swartt Sixclaw to wrest power from Bowfleg, which would make him warlord of a great horde? And why did the Abbess of Redwall banish a young creature from her Abbey, a sentence which forced a heartbreaking decision upon a mousemaid, linking her destiny to that of... the Outcast of Redwall?


Rakkety Tam (Paperback)

From beyond the cold northern seas and the lands of ice, a terrifying beast arrives on the shores of Mossflower Country: Gulo the Savage! With his crew of white-furred vermin, this creature out of nightmare comes to murder his brother and seize the fabled Walking Stone. Nobeast is safe from the mighty Gulo, who feasts on the flesh of his enemies.

But something stands between Gulo and what he seeks: the ancient Abbey of redwall. Who will come to the aid of Abbot Humble and his peaceful woodlanders? The mercenary warrior from the borders, Rakkety Tam MacBurl, that's who! With his mate Wild Doogy Plumm, the brave squirrel sets forth on a quest to rescue two kidnapped Redwall maidens, and joins forces with one hundred perilous hares from the Long Patrol. Together they face a battle that ranges far over the plains, streams and woodlands of Mossflower in this epic tale of war, courage and comradeship.

Hark to the battlecries: Redwaaaaaaall! Eulaliiiiaaaa! Haway the Braaaaaaw!

Salamandastron (Paperback)

Redwall slumbers in the summer sun, unaware that Lord Urthstripe's mountain fortree os Salamandastron liles besieged by the weasel army of Ferahgo the Assassin. Or that danger is creeping up on the Abbey: the deadly Dryditch Fever...

But when Mara the badger leaves Salamandastron, and the sword of Martin the Warrior sends Samkin and Arula from Redwall, the fates of the two strongholds becomes entwined through their dangerous and seemingly separate quests. Through forest and swamp and over great waters, Samkin, Mara, the ghostly white badger and a host of other brave creatures reach the same goal - the final battle for Salamandastron!

Taggerung (Paperback)

'The clan of Sawney Rath could feel their fortunes changing, much for the better.'

Sawney Rath, ferret chief of the Juska tribe is hatching a plan. His seer has prophesized that a Taggerung has been born, a legendary creature with extraordinary fighting skills - superior to all others in strength, fleetness of foot and stealth. Sawney is determined to hunt the babe down, raise him as his own and bring glory to the Juska clan. But there is more. The seer has seen a hawk strike a dove in the air, their cries giving out a bell-like sound. Sawney demands to know what this omen means. The seer smiles triumphantly. 'It means that the Taggerung will be a creature from Redwall Abbey!'

One peaceful summer morning, a big male otter carries his newborn cub through Mossflower Woods to the water that runs from the river to the sea. The babe delights his father by taking to the water and swimming straight away. But this is no ordinary babe. In the palm of his right paw is a four-petal mark, like a tiny blossom, which, unknown to his family and friends, marks him as a creature apart. From the bushes a ferret is drawing his bow.

So begins a tale of deceit, treachery and betrayal - but also adventure, loyalty and courage - where the true spirit of redwall is tested to the full. Brian Jacques weaves myth, legend and high adventure with masterly skill in this thrilling story of goodbeast raised as savage, which will keep his readers enthralled from the first page to the last.

Redwall 20th Anniversary Box set

To mark the 20th Anniversary of the wonderful Redwall adventures Philomel (Brian's USA publisher) have produced this superb new edition.

It is the Summer of the Late Rose, and the gentle mice of Mossflower Wood gather to celebrate a year of peace and abundance at Redwall. But a sinister shadow has fallen across the ancient stone abbey. For it is rumoured that Cluny is coming—Cluny, the menacing one-eyed rat and his battle-seasoned horde—Cluny, who has vowed to conquer Redwall Abbey!

The woodland creatures rush to a desperate defense. But what can an abbey of peace-loving mice do against Cluny the Scourge and his evil band of rats? If only they had the sword of Martin the Warrior, they might stand a chance of saving their beloved Abbey. But the hiding place of the legendary sword has been long forgotten. It is the bumbling, young Matthias who sets out to find the sword, fights for his abbey, and who becomes a most unlikely hero.

Teeming with riddles and mysteries, humor and pathos, this now-classic first book in the Redwall epic is woven by a cast of rich and spirited characters into an unforgettable tapestry of high drama, a novel to be savoured by readers of any age.

This special edition is comprised of parts 1, 2, and 3 of the original Redwall novel as separate paperback editions in a boxed set. Also included is a poster and a set of Redwall trading cards. Includes an autographed book plate.