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Author Topic: "Run like a hare and fight like a Bear..."  (Read 8376 times)

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Re: "Run like a hare and fight like a Bear..."
« Reply #165 on: September 03, 2017, 08:30:18 AM »

Quick Google-driven length comparisons
Wood/field mouse: 3.54 inches
Red squirrel: 8.4 inches
Hare length: 1.7 feet (20.4 inches)
European badger: 2.3 feet (27.6 inches)
Wolverine length: 2.1-3.5 feet (25.2 to 42 inches)
Brown bear: 4.6-9.2. feet (55.2 to 110.4 inches)

The only other time we see a land-going animal in this league, it was pulling a cart with five hundred rats inside. The gap between the wolverine and the *hare* is smaller than the gap between the wolverine and a brown bear, and the difference between the smallest wolverine and the biggest bear isn't far off from that between the squirrel and the wolverine. A few extra feet is just not going to do it; doing so is an extreme distortion not unlike the "humans interact with mice" fan fiction that people might have devised somewhere. The smallest we can reasonably make the brown bear, if we make it a biped, is twice the wolverine's size.

If we're comparing this to fantasy, such as Tolkien's works, making just a little bigger troll doesn't suit this purpose. We're going to have to move up to a dragon.
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