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Cornflower MM Redwall Recorder

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Thanks, Rosie
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I'm boring.
I also never shut up about dance.
11/20/17, 8:54
Way too overworked and can feel a panic attack coming on. Might take a break?? Too busy flipping out to know?? Don't wanna make this like totally public and in everyone's faces because I can't stand the reactions anymore which is weird because used to be what I craved but I just want someone to notice maybe even if you're just Creepy Chip. Hi Chip. You'll probably find this by 9 o'clock. 9:30 the latest. Jesus I'm so freaking messed up right now and kinda touch-starved and I just want a genuine friend and someone that I really really care about to check up on me like I do for them all the time and I just want hugs and kind words and Idon'teffingcareanymoreimsogoddamndone
To admire the rose you must respect the thorns
~Old Persian proverb
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September 30, 2013, 04:11:52 PM
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November 24, 2017, 03:32:10 PM
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