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Reep the Warrior Dibbun

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Somewhere in the Northern Mountains, living in a castle and trying to avoid being eaten by Slothunogs (and you thought only Green Island had those!)
About Me:
- I like movies and books

- I play electric guitar (still can't shred, but that will come... one day... )

- I write fiction myself, though I'm not published. I was first inspired by Redwall fanfiction, but have yet to complete any of my own.

- My favorite Redwall characters are Brocktree, Dannflor, Mariel, Sunflash (he should've been the title character in Outcast, jus' sayin'), Tiria Wildlough, Martin (the first one... ), Gorath, and Tagg the Otter.

- My other favorite animal-related series is Chronicles of Tira-Nor by Daniel Schwabauer

- I was a member of Redwall Wiki long before I came here

- If you know OYAN, please message me because if you're an OYANer you are an awesome person.

- Am I the only one who wants a movie based off the Star Wars: The Old Republic comics?
"No one is told any story but their own." ~Aslan
Blasting music into my ears
Date Registered:
February 13, 2018, 04:28:10 PM
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February 21, 2018, 05:12:13 PM
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February 16, 2018, 09:11:21 PM
"Kindly remove your grimy paws from my trifle, so I will not be forced to stab you with this spoon. Thank you muchly." - Reep, after not having any normal food during a seasons-long sea voyage

"You know, I think I would actually have been really comfortable fighting, say, a Deepcoiler or perhaps a rabid wearat. Why couldn't we get a mob of diseased wearats?" - Nikko, Reep's brother, facing a pair of fully grown alligators underneath the stronghold of the Coonlord, in the Lands Beyond the Sunset