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Author Topic: Tweaks and Changes (1/28/18)  (Read 124 times)

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James Gryphon

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Tweaks and Changes (1/28/18)
« on: January 28, 2018, 02:12:39 PM »

Some changes have been made to the forum as of late intended to help provide a more comfortable experience for users and smooth over some possible problems, as well as some other cosmetic changes. There might have also been other changes in the time period following my retirement from regular moderation service until now, but if so they have escaped my memory. That said, most of my Redwall community development time has been spent preparing the planned upgrade to 2.0.15 with the new theme and updated mods, so there probably hasn't been too much that didn't make it onto this list. As such I'm 55% sure this list contains the most significant ones that you're likely to notice or be interested in.

  • Font size switcher added to the profile section in Look & Layout, with three sizes to accommodate everyone from youngsters with their faces close to the screen to those sitting half-way across the room or with 'experienced' vision.
  • Automatic nested quote removal has been turned on, to put an end to the quote pyramids that have often made browsing and the Recent Posts page less convenient.
  • Experimental theme style currently features a "retro" theme with a style resembling early-90s Mosaic. Grey is gorgeous!
  • The bricks in Default and Classic have been reduced in size to allow more of the variety of bricks to be seen.
  • Some neo-parchment backgrounds have been changed to .jpg format for decreased file sizes.
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