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Author Topic: General topic for asking questions you don't want to start a thread for.  (Read 1134 times)

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In the non-main mode, will we be able to create our own characters? And if so, which species will be playable?
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I just want to say, I really appreciate the time you put in working with the community to develop the world. Combat is a feature that is often very appealing to this genre, so it says something about the depth of the work that you are trying to do that spent your time developing the world rather than working on things like combat functions. It is things like that that will win the fanbase for you.
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This looks so exciting! Fb seems to know I'm a Redwall fan and gave me a 'suggested page' for the game a few times on my newsfeed; it was great to see the progress being made. ;D

Will it be likely I will be able to play it on this clunky PC Windows 7 laptop of a few years old now, or even my mac, which is about 10 years old... Worried they won't be fast and up-to-date enough to work properly for the game, but don't want to miss out! :o


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Woah! This is kinda cool!  ;D
Yeah, it's too bad I'm only just now learning 3D character animation and missed an opportunity like this.
Hope all goes well at the launch!
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