The Redwall Experience
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Studio Statue Figurines
Collect the final trio set of Julie London's Redwall Sculptures.
Grumm and Laterose partner in adventure in the book Martin the Warrior,
and nephew Bungo celebrates their return. Moles and mice,
everything nice. Edition size for each character is 800 world wide with
about 100 trio sets remaining at in the USA.
Contact person for the studio is Merna Chance at

Snowfur's Redwall Encyclopedia
An extensive fan-made collection of information all about Redwall, its characters and
places. Although no longer updated, the Redwall Encyclopedia has since 1997 been one
of the largest and most comprehensive sources of data about the Redwall universe.

Dibbuns Against Bedtime
After writing fan mail to Brian Jacques,
this online Redwall club was written
into Redwall history in Triss.

Redwall Wiki
A communal news and information
resource for everything Brian Jacques
and Redwall-related, all written and created by fans.