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Songs of Redwall - Mp3 Download

By popular demand, Songs from Redwall: 20 Years of Redwall Music is now available as an Mp3 download.

Comprised of 47 different songs from the unabridged audiobooks, this CD is composed and performed by musician Billy Maher.

1. Introduction (Mariel of Redwall)
2. Rappity Tap (Loamhedge)
3. Song of the River (Salamandastron)
4. Dingle Duck (Taggerung)
5. Stars and Moon (Taggerung)
6. Log A Log (Loamhedge)
7. Ladies (Loamhedge)
8. O’er the Hills (Loamhedge)
9. Plant Song (Outcast of Redwall)
10. Dungle Drips (Loamhedge)
11. Tilly the Wild (High Rhulain)
12. Frog Song (Rakkety Tam)
13. Worm Song (High Rhulain)
14. Skilly and Duff (High Rhulain)
15. Dawn (Loamhedge)
16. Paddling (Salamandastron)
17. Education (Triss)
18. Pull Boys Pull (Salamandastron)
19. Peacful Night (High Rhulain)
20. Martin (Salamandastron)
21. Summer Sun (Triss)
22. Tramp Tramp Tramp (Rakkety Tam)
23. Footlecum Dur (Triss)
24. Barnacles (High Rhulain)
25. Sleep Baby Sleep (Taggerung)
26. Honey (Triss)
27. Mouse and Mole (The Bellmaker)
28. Rose Song (Loamhedge)
29. Winter O (Mariel of Redwall)
30. Algy and Bobbs (Rakkety Tam)
31. Shrum (The Bellmaker)
32. Lark Song (High Rhulain)
33. To Table (Mattimeo)
34. Rakkety Tam (Rakkety Tam)
35. Me Mammy (Rakkety Tam)
36. Moles Song (Martin the Warrior)
37. Paws (Taggerung)
38. October Ale (The Long Patrol)
39. Slumber On (Rakkety Tam)
40. My Caterpillar (Outcast of Redwall)
41. Laddie Buck (High Rhulain)
42. Gates of Spring (Outcast of Redwall)
43. Little Ones (The Long Patrol)
44. Walla Walla (Rakkety Tam)
45. Good Fortune (Loamhedge)
46. Goodnight (Mariel of Redwall)
47. Home (Outcast of Redwall)


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Ben and Ned flee to the Pyrenees, where, with a new troupe of friends, they find themselves confronting bandit gypsies, evil sorcery, even an avalanche!

In the author's own words, "The Angel's Command boomed forth from my imagination like a cannonball!" This thrilling, rollicking adventure ranks with the very best of Jacques.

The Bellmaker (Cassette Audio Book)

More than four seasons have passed since Mariel the Warriormouse and the rogue mouse, Dandin, set off from Redwall in search of adventure, and Joseph the Bellmaker is worried. Where is his beloved daughter? Joseph's answer comes to him in a dream, and soon he's off, accompanied by the intrepid Finnbarr Galedeep and the brave crew of the good ship, Pearl Queen, to save a kingdom and rescue Mariel.

But what's behind the riddle in the dream? Can Joseph guess its meaning and find his daughter before the dreaded Foxwolf, Urgan Nagru, plunders the kingdom of Southsward? Can this be the end of Mariel the Warriormouse? The momentous questions of this seventh epic in the Redwall series will hold a new audience of readers in its magical spell and captivate dedicated Redwall followers as well.

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At the same time, far away in Salamandastron, three young companions sail away from their mountain home too, but for a very different reason - they are seeking adventure.

Meanwhile, in Mossflower Woods, a pair of wandering Dibbuns accidentally discover the long-lost entrance to Brockhall, the most legendary home of the Badger Lords.

The three groups of travellers are drawn together by fate, when Triss comes to Redwall, and the inhabitants of the abbey find that they have a new champion - someone brave enough to carry the sword of Martin the Warrior and face the evil that threatens them all.

In this, the fifteenth novel in the Redwall epic, Brian Jacques once again looks to the history of the sword of Martin the Warrior for his adventure, and introduces a new and unforgettable heroine.